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About HelPlus Application

The application of HelPlus is technologically advanced with digital-age features to provide necessary information at times of emergency as well as maintain regular healthcare updates at times.


If someone is in an emergency and no one is around, they can press the SOS button in the application to notify their near ones & contact the nearby police stations and hospitals.


Store your valuable healthcare information like Diagnostic Reports, Prescriptions, Insurances in our secure MedDOC to access at any point of time.

Find Nearby Hospitals

Get real-time location and active calling numbers of nearby hospitals and police station at your finger tips.

How to register yourself?

  • Download HelPlus app from Playstore or Appstore
  • Scan your HelPlus QR code
  • Verify Mobile Number through OTP
  • Add Personal Information & Emergency Details
  • Provide Medical History
  • Agree to Terms & Conditions
  • ALL DONE! Your HelPlus profile is ready!

Check key features of HelPlus

Easy & Secure Onboarding
Free cloud storage
Easy Customizable
User Friendly Interface
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HelPlus is a unique initiative that provides necessary life-saving information during crucial hours of the emergency

The time period lasting one hour following a traumatic injury has the highest significance in casualty prevention.

At the time of an emergency (Accident) any 3rd party (passer-by) can scan the QR code of the victim whether they have our application or not. Once the QR code is scanned by the 3rd party, our system will send the message with the location to the victim's 4 emergency contact numbers and the 3rd party will get the Contact number of the nearest Police Station and Hospital to inform about the emergency.

the Alzheimer's patient is lost and they are unable to find a way home, anybody can scan the HelPlus QR code and notify their family. The same QR Code can be used for pets and children who have lost their way back home.

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