Application Insights

The Problem

207 deaths are recorded per minute due to NATURAL CAUSES(28,279 Per day )

1 death per minute is recorded due to road ACCIDENTS (1440 Per day)

170 Children go MISSING every day

50Lac+ Indians are diagnosed with DEMENTIA and ALZHEMIERS every year

1 in 3 pets go MISSING everyday

Our Solution

HelPlus is a socially driven initiative with the noble cause to help victims in an emergency with the help of QR code and SOS features that sends the location of the victims and an instant message to the 4 emergency contact numbers instantly. It also provides the details of the nearest Hospital & Police Station for immediate contact during situations of emergency.


At the time of an emergency (Accident) any 3rd party (passer-by) can scan the QR code of victims whether they have our application or not. Once the QR code is scanned by the 3rd party, our system will send the message with the location to four of the victim's emergency contact numbers and also the 3rd party will get contact number of nearest Police Station and Hospital to inform about the emergency.
QR codes can also help Alzheimer's Patients, Missing Children & Pets. If the Alzheimer's patient is lost and they are unable to find a way home, anybody can scan the QR code and notify their family. The same QR Code can be used for pets and children who have lost their way back home.
This is the feature given in our application. If someone is in an emergency and no one is around, they can press the SOS button in the application to notify their near ones & contact the nearby police stations and hospitals.